What is the difference between retro & vintage

What is the difference between retro & vintage

Here at The Little Retro Shed, we adore anything retro but all our products are retro style and inspired not vintage or antiques, as they are all brand new and never used. So our items are inspired by the past, and retro designs just like the Esso can you can see, it is a name and brand you recognise and the product itself is based on past product you would have used for fuel. We absolutely love the vintage retro look and thats why we created the The Little Retro Shed and sourced items we know you would all love just as much as us. 

We wanted to explore retro a little further and see what the difference was versus the term vintage. Here is what we found. 

With the term antique, an item should be around 100 years old, this is the number of years old it should be, to really gain such a title. Vintage on the other hand is classed in this category when it is no older than antique but no less than 20 years old, it has to have some history to be deemed vintage. What can sometimes be confusing is that items that are vintage are often described as retro and so there is a one sided overlap of the two terms. This is why we wanted to make things clearer, so you had a better understanding of us. 

Retro items do not have to be old or history, they can be brand new, just like all the items we stock, but they have to be made in the style of the time/year or item they are replicating. So Retro is not an age of a product or year, its a style, the best way to think of it would be vintage and antique refers to the actual construction, the exact time it was made, whilst the term retro refers to appearance and style. 

Many will refer to a real vintage or antique item as retro but you shouldn't refer to a retro item as vintage, there is a sizeable difference between age and style, which we agree can get rather confusing. 

We hope you enjoyed our first post, and remember to keep popping back as we will be updating our Shed Blog monthly.